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Space Clearing & Cleansing

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Space Clearing & Cleansing

Stagnant energy in our living or working space can have a direct influence on how we feel, which is why it is so important to keep the vibration of our space (as well as ourselves) as clear and positive as possible. I jumped at the opportunity to study under my Reiki Master when she offered a space clearing/cleansing workshop. During my time there, I learned the critical importance of not only clearing space, but also filling space with intention.

In addition to releasing old or negative vibes/energy from existing spaces, this process is especially beneficial when moving into a new home or office. There is no better way to begin a journey in a new space than to clear out the old and set intentions for all that you desire. 

After completing your order I will reach out to you to learn all about what it is you are hoping to accomplish in your space and why the cleansing/clearing process may be necessary. Once we've determined the best solution we will work together to schedule a time that is most convenient for me to visit and perform the cleansing/clearing ritual.

Please note: transportation and lodging for services performed outside of driveable distance from Chicago, IL are not included and will need to be negotiated and agreed upon prior to scheduling service.