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Intuitive Card Pull

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Intuitive Card Pull

Daily spiritual practice is so very important to me. This includes tuning in to the divine guidance that is channeled through the decks I have spent many years working with. I can honestly say that I cannot remember the last time I felt I didn't know what to do because of the messages delivered through the cards. Sometimes allowing someone else to intuitively pull a card for you provides the objective perspective that is required to find the true answers to your questions. I was taught early in my awakening that a vague question receives a vague answer, whereas a specific question receives a specific answer; so please be as specific as possible.

Current Decks:

Moon Deck - An Intuitive Oracle Set (Intentions & Rituals)

Miracles Now - Daily Affirmations

Healing with the Angels - Divine Messages from the Angels

The Soul's Journey - The Lesson to be Learned

Keepers of the Light - Ascended Masters

After receiving your question and pulling your card, I will send you an email including a detailed explanation of the card's meaning and how it may apply to your question. Please allow up to 48 hours to receive your message.  The email will be sent to the email used when completing your order.