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Golightly Healing Blue Chalcedony Beauty Roller

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Golightly Healing Blue Chalcedony Beauty Roller
Golightly Healing Blue Chalcedony Beauty Roller
Golightly Healing Blue Chalcedony Beauty Roller

Prior to Golightly Healing I spent years studying and practicing makeup artistry professionally for some of the worlds most iconic beauty brands.

Now many years later, my respect for makeup as an art and skincare as a form of self-love remains.

Upon discovering my passion for holistic healing, I quickly understood that the foundation of my interests has always been inspired by helping others see the most beautiful version of themselves.

Blue Chalcedony holds one of the most calming, soothing energies I have ever experienced. It’s known for relaxation and self-love, and promotes an unmatched trust in life and surrendering to our soul’s purpose and path.

I couldn’t think of a better stone to incorporate into my daily beauty routine, and when I learned Blue Chalcedony had not yet been introduced to the beauty world I knew with all my heart I needed to be the one to make the introduction.

As the popularity of crystal healing continues to surge, there is a reason why crystal beauty rollers are taking center stage. Channeling crystal energy through the use of this multifunctional skincare tool provides a myriad of perfectly blended healing benefits:

• Enhances skin’s natural glow
• Moves stagnant energy
• Provides consistent application of skincare products
• Reduces puffiness & eliminates toxins
• Improves the appearance of pores
• Supports lymphatic drainage
• Assists with tension headaches

Incorporate crystal energy in to your daily beauty routine.

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