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Golightly Healing 2020 Wall Calendar

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Golightly Healing 2020 Wall Calendar

2020 is a year my soul has been patiently waiting for. There is an inner knowingness that proceeds to confirm that the next calendar year will prove to be not only a powerful, but transformational time for all those who are awakening or have already begun their spiritual ascension. For this and many reasons, it was important for me to co-create with Joe and the crystals we have connected with along the way, a daily reminder of the innate, ever flowing power that surrounds you day-to-day. This calendar can be used in the traditional sense, or as an intention setting tool.

Complete with each Full and New Moon, our 2020 calendar makes it easy to serve your spiritual practice and remember when to cleanse and charge your crystals.

8.5"x11" - Printed in USA