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Golightly Healing Blue Chalcedony Pendulum

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Golightly Healing Blue Chalcedony Pendulum
Golightly Healing Blue Chalcedony Pendulum

We are all asking questions and searching for answers, most often times not realizing we ourselves hold the very information we are seeking to find.

It can be challenging to focus on the quiet whisper of our soul’s voice, which is why I believe the use of crystal pendulums has been an integral part of spiritual practice for thousands of years.

A pendulum acts as a physical representation of our own intuitive guidance. It allows us to visually experience what our highest self already knows by demonstrating simple yes/no movements.

Since I began my crystal healing journey I have always wanted a pendulum that I could connect with on a soul level. This dream came full circle for me towards the end of last year, when a tapestry of spiritual encounters brought to life the very pendulums we’ve created.

Manufactured using AA quality Blue Chalcedony and premium .925 sterling silver, our custom pendulums look and feel like no pendulum I’ve ever held.

Blue Chalcedony is a stone of connection. It not only connects us to our higher selves through heart, mind and soul, but assists in the understanding of the messages we receive. It instills a peace of mind much like meditation does, which allows us to tap into the higher realms of collective consciousness. This beautiful stone allows us to trust the information and apply its guidance towards our everyday life.

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