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Aura Light Crystal Infused Candle

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Aura Light Crystal Infused Candle
Aura Light Crystal Infused Candle

Hand poured in small batches with the energy of the moon and infused with hand selected Herkimer Diamonds, these soy candles are perfect for daily spiritual practice. By lighting an Aura Light candle you are consciously opening a sacred space and allowing the universe to connect you with the energy and desired intention you declare. Carefully and respectfully replicating the divine scent of Palo Santo, these cruelty free, vegan candles are a beautiful option for everyday use.

Candles have always been so special to me as I work with them almost as often as I do crystals. Being able to join the energy of both is something I plan to continue to offer throughout my journey. I am honored to co-create these spiritual tools for you.

Please note: The included crystals are meant to be removed prior to lighting the candle and placed nearby during spiritual practice. Each Herkimer Diamond has been cleansed and charged with the full moon during the candle-making process.