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24. Crystal Healing for Animals

Golightly Healing Inc.

Attention all animal lovers: this episode is for you. This week Amanda talks all about incorporating crystals into the lives of our furry friends. She explains the do's and don'ts of crystal healing sessions with pets, and also explains why the power of crystal healing can be so effective for animals. Amanda offers some suggestions as to what crystals you might want to use for certain reasons, and also shares what crystals are her pup's favs. Follow Amanda on Instagram @golightlycrystalsVisit

23. Angel Numbers

Golightly Healing Inc.

This week Amanda talks about angel numbers and how messages can be received through seeing certain number sequences repeatedly. She explains why she believes many of us see these numbers and how we can work to determine what specific signs are being shown to us through the number sequences. Amanda mentions her favorite crystals to work with to help tap into higher frequencies and raise our own vibrations. If you've been seeing that same number over and over again, this is definitely an episode you don't want to miss. Episode ResourcesAngel Numbers by Kyle Gray - Amanda on Instagram...

22. Learning From a Life Coach

Golightly Healing Inc.

In this week's episode, accomplished Life Coach and spiritual boss babe Mona Silbert joins Golightly Radio from Argentina. Amanda asks Mona to share some insight into what being a Life Coach means to her, and how impactful her spiritual journey has been. The two talk for nearly an hour about life, spirituality, their friendship, and you guessed it: crystals. There are an abundance of invaluable takeaways in what proves to be one of the show's most inspiring episodes to date. Episode ResourcesFollow Mona on Instagram @monasilbertVisit Mona's website: monasilbert.comFollow Amanda on Instagram @golightlycrystalsVisit

21. The Other Half of Golightly

Golightly Healing Inc.

This week's episode features the show's very first guest and interview, Amanda's best friend and business partner, her husband Joe. The two go into detail about why crystals are so important to them and what inspires them as they continue to build the Golightly brand. Joe brings new insight into the Golightly process and also shares some personal stories that provide a better understanding as to why he's gotten so involved with Amanda's passion for helping others. Follow Amanda on Instagram @golightlycrystalsVisit

20. The Inside Scoop on Gem Shows

Golightly Healing Inc.

After two weeks of crystal shopping at the famous Denver Gem & Mineral Show Amanda is back with an episode dedicated to gem show shopping. She shares what her first gem show experience was like, and talks about what you might expect going to a gem show for the first time. Amanda gives advice on things to consider if traveling to a gem show, and also gives insight into why gem show shopping is so important to her and the Golightly process. This episode is a must listen. Follow Amanda on Instagram @golightlycrystalsVisit