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5. Creating a Sacred Space

Golightly Healing Inc.

Amanda explains the importance of having a sacred space and why she believes it contributes so much to spiritual well being. She talks about her own sacred space and the crystals she uses while spending time there. This episode serves as a great foundation of information for anyone wanting to get started on their own sacred space.Episode ResourcesSelenite Lamp - Light Candle - Amanda on Instagram @golightlyhealingVisit

4. Daily Spiritual Practice and Why It's Important

Golightly Healing Inc.

Amanda covers 10 of her favorite ways to implement self care through daily spiritual practice. She talks about why spiritual practice is so important and how it can change your life if you stay consistent with it. Amanda also mentions how using crystals during these activities can enhance the outcome of each.Follow Amanda on Instagram @golightlyhealingVisit

3. Chakra Healing with Crystal Energy

Golightly Healing Inc.

In this episode Amanda covers the basics of chakra healing and how to use crystals in this practice. The information shared here serves as a foundation for anyone seeking to understand our chakra system and how to work with these energy centers. Amanda provides an overview of the crystals she suggests working with for each chakra, and even goes into different ways to do so.Episode ResourcesBlue Chalcedony Pendulum - Chakra Healing Session - Amanda on Instagram @golightlyhealingVisit

2. Crystal Healing & How to Work with Crystals in Your Everyday Life

Golightly Healing Inc.

In this episode Amanda provides an overview of what crystals are, how they work, how to take care of them, and simple effective ways to incorporate crystals into your everyday life. This episode is a must listen if you're working to understand crystal healing better and how it can impact the human experience on a day to day basis. Amanda explains how anyone can begin working with the healing energy of crystals and minerals right now. Episode ResourcesSelenite - Chalcedony Pendulum - Chalcedony Beauty Roller - Grids - Amanda on Instagram @golightlyhealingVisit

1. Welcome to Golightly Radio: Overcoming Fear & Self Doubt

Golightly Healing Inc.

In the very first episode of Golightly Radio, Amanda explains how she was introduced to crystal healing, spirituality, her inspirations, and how it all changed her life. She takes a closer look at her own past limiting beliefs and the techniques she used to overcome them. Amanda also shares a brief overview of chakra healing and the crystals she suggests working with to help you turn self doubt into self love. Follow Amanda on Instagram @golightlyhealingVisit