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33. Crystal Grid With Me

Golightly Healing Inc.

This week's episode is all about crystal grids and why they are so powerful. Amanda talks about the basics of crystal gridding, how to build one and why you should. If you've got intentions that might need a little help from your crystal friends, this episode is one you'll want to bookmark.Episode ResourcesCrystal Grids: How and Why They Work  by Hibiscus Moon - Follow Amanda on Instagram @golightlycrystalsVisit

32. The Manifesting Power of a Vision Board

Golightly Healing Inc.

This week Amanda talks all about vision boards and why they're such powerful manifestation tools. She shares some of her personal experiences with her own vision board and even some insight into how to use the vision board throughout the year. Whether you've already created your vision board, or have yet to build one, you don't want to miss this episode. Follow Amanda on Instagram @golightlycrystalsVisit

31. Intention Setting

Golightly Healing Inc.

The new year is upon us and Amanda is back with an all new episode of Golightly Radio. This week she talks about the difference between making a New Year's resolution vs. setting an intention followed by inspired action. Amanda shares her favorite crystal to work with for intention setting and talks briefly about her New Year rituals and spiritual practices.  Follow Amanda on Instagram @golightlycrystalsVisit

30. Gifting Crystals

Golightly Healing Inc.

Tis' the season for gifting crystals! This week Amanda talks all about how powerful the energy is behind giving a crystal as a gift. She provides some insight into how to select the right crystal for your recipient, and even talks briefly about other gifts to give a crystal lover if you're struggling finding the perfect stone. Amanda also touches on what to do if you've received a crystal gift that you don't connect with. Episode ResourcesThe Book of Stones by Robert Simmons - Chalcedony Beauty Roller - Light Crystal Infused Candle - Amanda on Instagram @golightlycrystalsVisit...

29. Practicing Gratitude

Golightly Healing Inc.

This week on Golightly Radio Amanda talks all about gratitude and how powerful living a grateful life can be. She goes into detail about ways to practice gratitude on a daily basis and even touches on some of the things she does to create habits that promote a grateful lifestyle. Amanda also explains how to use crystals to help strengthen our connection with gratitude. Come back to this episode any time you need a lift! Follow Amanda on Instagram @golightlycrystalsVisit