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15. Finding Happiness

Golightly Healing Inc.

In this episode Amanda talks about how to find happiness with the help of our crystal friends. She explains the importance of present moment awareness and how it can positively impact the pursuit of happiness. Amanda also gives her top 5 crystals that she's used for happiness in her own life. Keep this episode handy for whenever you're feeling like you could use a lift! Follow Amanda on Instagram @golightlycrystalsVisit

14. Getting Restful Sleep with Crystals

Golightly Healing Inc.

This week Amanda talks about the importance of allowing our bodies to rest and heal. She goes into what crystals she uses often to help in her own sleep and why they've worked so well for her. With everything going on in the world right now, there's no better time to focus inward and be sure to give ourselves the necessary support we need to stay centered. If you find yourself struggling to fall asleep, stay asleep throughout the night, and wake up feeling rested, you'll want to give this episode a listen. Episode ResourcesA Guided Meditation for Restful Sleep...

13. Get Motivated with Crystals!

Golightly Healing Inc.

In this episode Amanda talks about the importance of getting motivated and staying motivated. She covers 7 of her favorite crystals that she uses almost daily for inspiration, energy, and doing the work. If you ever find yourself needing a boost, you'll want to listen to this episode and get yourself some of these crystals.Follow Amanda on Instagram @golightlycrystalsVisit

12. Crystals that Help Overcome Anxiety

Golightly Healing Inc.

This week Amanda talks about overcoming anxiety and how crystal healing can be very helpful in doing so. She discusses some of her favorite stones for anxiety and ways to work with each. If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed or anxious this episode is definitely one you don't want to miss.Episode ResourcesBlue Chalcedony - Amanda on Instagram @golightlycrystalsVisit

11. What is Your Soul Stone?

Golightly Healing Inc.

Amanda explains what a 'soul stone' is and how special the connection to a soul stone can be. She fills you in on what you might expect when you find yours, and tells the story of when she discovered her own soul stone. Amanda goes into detail about how powerful the connection with her soul stone has been for her in her own life, and briefly talks about the impact gifting crystals can have. This episode is a must listen if you are hoping to connect more deeply with your crystals.Episode ResourcesThe Book of Stones by Robert Simmons -