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“Words alone can’t express the amount of gratitude I have for Amanda & Joe of Golightly Healing. The entire live shopping experience is so unique, full of passion, expertise, and most importantly, love. Golightly live sales radiate positivity and a communal appreciation of each other. I have found no bond similar to that of the Golightly tribe. It is so beautifully obvious that this is exactly what Amanda is called to do: connect, share knowledge, and inspire others. I cannot thank Amanda and Joe enough for the light they have brought into my life.” - Amanda S.

"I am just blown away. Speechless! It just keeps getting better and better. You have such a gift and I am so grateful for the connection. Thank you Amanda Nicole and your incredible hubby. You guys are the best in the game." - Dinitra T.

"I am overwhelmed with the beauty of these crystals and the care that obviously went in to packaging them. Everything, from connecting with Amanda via DM, to the 2-day shipping, the gorgeous packaging - I feel like I received crystals straight from the 5th dimension! Golightly is the most high vibe shop I've ever bought from (and I've shopped with them all.) It is truly special to connect with crystals with someone who understands their magic and wisdom so deeply. I don’t know what else to say other than thank you for putting so much love into what you do. I appreciate it all." - Mary T.

"Besides having the most beautiful and unique crystals, Amanda is a vibe all her own! Her soul and genuine personality is so pure and radiates nothing but positivity and love. Her and Joe flow so beautifully together and I am truly grateful to have come across them and Golightly Crystals! I will be forever apart of their tribe!" - Cynthia R.

"I love that Amanda makes an effort to get to know us and make sure that we feel connected to her and our crystal babies. I always feel like I can ask Amanda anything and that she remembers our convos despite having them with I’m sure so many of us!" - Lauren B.

"You are incredible at the speed you work! So impressive! Your work ethic and commitment to your clients is truly inspiring." - Jules B.

"To say Golightly has changed my life would be the biggest understatement to ever come from me. What Amanda and Joe provide is something you will NEVER find anywhere else! Every crystal is personally hand picked by Amanda and is of the absolute best quality you will ever find. My entire collection consists of crystals only from them for this reason. Whether you’re looking for a tumble to carry around daily or a big mama to display in your home you will never find better." - Catherine R.

"I’m so thankful that I found Amanda and Golightly! Although I’m just beginning my crystal journey, Amanda immediately welcomed me and just has a way of making you feel loved and appreciated. My daughter and I love to watch the live shows together and have learned so much from the podcast too. Every single crystal we’ve adopted has been beautiful and full of the most wonderful energy. The extra attention and special touches put into each adoption quickly makes you feel like family! Thank you Amanda and Joe for all you do! It is appreciated and Golightly is so special to us!" - Amy & Kennady K.

"You have a true gift for intuitively picking out crystals for your customers." - Julie L.

"I love my crystals from Golightly! They are the BEST quality and are so beautiful! The owners are fantastic and always so kind and respond to any questions or concerns I have quickly!" - Anniston G.

"I absolutely adore golightly crystals. From the quality of the hand picked pieces to the delightful interactions with the owner. She is extremely knowledgeable and a delight to purchase from. Wonderful energy." - Michelle R.

"Amanda’s crystals have amazing energy, totally different from other crystals in my collection. If I’m looking for an important piece I’d go to her first! It makes a huge difference." - Amanda G.

"Golightly Crystals are literally the highest quality crystals I’ve ever bought. Not only are they super high quality and loved up, their prices are THE best. Golightly has so deeply touched my life. It is the best company I’ve ever done business with and I’ve never felt so honored to support a business. Yes it’s about the crystals, they are absolutely amazing and so amazing I won’t adopt from anyone else anymore, and for me it’s also about the beautiful souls behind it. They are two bright lights with humongous hearts, and their love comes through in everything they do, from answering questions about the crystals, from the way the source their crystals, and the high quality beautiful crystals that show up on your doorstep (super quick too lol). My life is truly forever changed because of Golightly Healing. The way Amanda and Joe step up and shine their beautiful lights warms my soul and deeply inspires me to do the same. It’s beyond words. It’s a feeling. I am forever grateful." - Allie M.

"The small details make the whole experience of adopting a crystal; something I would not trade for anything in the world. Thank you Amanda & Joe." - Mona S.

"I love that Amanda offers custom orders and tries to track down exactly what you are looking for! Quick shipping, easy check out process, great prices, incredible selection and amazing variety! I wouldn’t go to anyone but Golightly for my crystal babies and great words of wisdom! Every time I receive a new crystal babe I can feel the love and positive energy radiating, even seeing how carefully and loving each one is put into the box. The podcast is inspiring, such a great listen! You can feel how much Amanda cares about and loves her work. She continues to surprise her tribe with new products and ideas." - Dakotah B.

"Golightly always has the most amazing pieces. I don’t buy crystals from anywhere else. They activate around Amanda so by the time I get them from her the energy is insane and they are very much alive and super happy." - Dana C.


One of the most intimate ways that we showcase our crystals is through our live sales on Instagram. Join us every other Sunday for a relaxed and enjoyable crystal shopping experience.

64. Healing Your Inner Child with Crystals

64. Healing Your Inner Child with Crystals

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