"Every crystal I own has been hand picked by Golightly. The time and energy that goes into selecting each piece truly shows; it’s as if you’re getting a piece of Amanda herself. Absolutely the highest quality is only offered. You aren’t just a “customer” here, you are part of a tribe, something truly special. Amanda takes the time to answer any questions and will walk you through what you need and why. In just 7 months my life has completely changed; my attitude, health, thoughts, quality of life, and all because of what Amanda and Joe have created." - Catherine R.

"Golightly crystals have an unmatched energy, overflowing with love and radiating with positivity. You get the best quality crystal selection from them with the most genuine care for both their crystals and their customers. Their customer service is phenomenal, I don’t think I’ve ever received international packages so quickly!" - Alissa E. 

"I love buying crystals from Golightly Healing. Amanda and Joe source the highest quality crystals and their live sales are so loving. Amanda always answers any DMs I have with questions and I’m honored she shares her crystal babies with us!" - Holly S. 

"Amanda embodies the essence, values, and experience of Golightly Healing. Her promise to herself and her customers is to source and intuitively select high energy crystals. As a certified crystal and Reiki healer, Amanda works with her connection to source to select crystal babies for adoption. Joe, her business partner in crime and hubby, works behind the scenes with as much humor, love, and dedication, making them the perfect duo in your crystal shopping experience. You just need to join a live sale to feel the energy of the people they attract as customers to know these are some quality minerals ready to assist you in your healing journey. Even the postman smiles when he delivers the sparkly package vibrating with excitement to meet their new home. Thanks Amanda & Joe for bringing the love." - Roberta H.

"I am so happy I came across Golightly Healing's page and live sales! Amanda and Joe are truly amazing people that treat you with love and compassion. They personally choose your new crystal babies and sell only the best of the best! Packages are promptly sent and received, which I appreciate since I get so excited after purchasing them. Amanda & Joe, please keep doing what you're doing because you place a special light on everyone around you which I can only explain as spiritual magic!" - Nikky P.

"Amanda is AMAZING to work with. While searching for a specific crystal for my best friend, she personally shopped for me and found me the most magical piece. Even though I was unsure of exactly what I wanted at first, she genuinely listened to every element I was looking for and was extremely patient as she sent me multiple options until we found the perfect one. Even my friend was blown away as to how we found one so perfect for her. Outside of that, every crystal sale by Golightly brings magic and joy. I look forward to seeing her bright personality show such gorgeous pieces and it often feels like somehow her pieces were picked just for me. I recommend Golightly Healing to everyone!" - Lauren M. 

"Absolutely best shopping experience and incredible crystal babies. She went above and beyond with her customer service! Will definitely buy from again!" - Shannon W. 

"I can’t even begin to explain how amazing of an experience I’ve had with Golightly Healing. Their live sales are so easy going and they really take the time to educate everyone and make them feel welcome. I can’t wait to have them custom shop a crystal for me. If you aren’t following them yet, you should!" - Jackie P. 

"I have never dealt with a more compassionate soul that is truly remarkable at her craft. Every piece I have received is pure magic!" - Jamie M. 

"Ordering from Golightly Healing has been such a treat, especially being a Canadian customer. Packaging is beautiful and safe and as soon as the babies are out and about, the energy in my home shifts. It's always been a cozy home but now it's amplified with each Golightly piece that comes in. I never doubt when I buy something that it won't be exactly what I need when it gets here. I love you and thank you forever." - Ashley W.

"Golightly Healing is more than just a business or company, it’s two people who not only practice what they preach but pour their heart, soul, energy, and every bit of their being into each crystal they pick to bring home and transfer to someone who needs it. To say they have the best of the crystal world is an understatement. With the Golightly family you get all the magic there is to offer. Joe is pretty awesome as well, and the teamwork that’s shown through the live sales and through each encounter you will have is mind blowing. I will never “shop” anywhere else. The organizational skills on the live sales, commitment to learning and growing in your journey and theirs, to the packaging and presentation is done with 100% care and love. You never want to get off of a live sale. Even when you’ve maxed out your cap of spending, you want to stay and be a part of the group's journey as well. I could go on and on, and when you become a part of this family you will too. Blessed to have found Golightly Healing, they are changing the world for the better, nothing but love and support." - Alexis M. 

"Never before have I experienced such powerful healing energy from crystals I have purchased. I was skeptical about the idea of not being able to handle the crystals before bringing them home, but the Golightly team takes such amazing care of their buyers and are beyond genuine and loving. The live sales are such a positive and rewarding experience, to connect not only with the crystals and with the hosts, but with other amazing people from across the globe. The healing that the crystals have provided me in my time of need is second only to the care I have been provided by Amanda and Joe. I would recommended them and their shop to anyone, skeptic or experienced crystal user." - Jennafer J. 

"Shopping with Golightly Healing is an experience. The live sales are like a party at your friend's house where you just sit, talk, laugh, and enjoy each other without any pressure to be “on.” I enter the room and feel loved and welcomed by everyone. I can relax, just be, and enjoy. Even if I don’t make a purchase, I feel like I walk away with something that filled me." - Khadijah O.

"I have been buying the most stunning, majestic, and powerful crystals from Amanda & Joe for many months now and I could not be happier! Not only do they source the highest quality, most special pieces, but they are both the sweetest, most sincere people who will go out of their way for their clients' needs & happiness. They have become amazing friends to me, and I feel like I am part of a magical crystal family! I look forward to their live sales and never want to miss a minute!! If you’re a crystal collector or looking to start, Golightly Healing is your answer!! So grateful to have found them and they have me (and my kiddies who also love their crystal godmother, Amanda) as customers for life!!!" - Laurie B.

"I am a huge Golightly fan!! I am eternally grateful for the truly beautiful experience I was lucky enough to share with Amanda during our distance healing session. I am so glad to have been able to connect on such a deep level with such an AMAZING person, even though we quite literally live across the country from one another. I must say, that in no way limited the connection of energy being shared between us. Amanda is amazingly talented and a truly has a powerful gift. I am so very thankful to call this beautiful Crystal Queen my friend. Without a doubt, one of the greatest experiences I’ve had the pleasure to receive. Everything about her and who she is, is beauty, light, and oh so much love." - Kirsten S.

If you would like to share your Golightly Healing experience please email and we will post it here!