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"Golightly is an amazing resource for crystals. Amanda's ability to connect to them on such a deep level is a beautiful gift. She honors & respects them as the divine beings they are & the energy they bring upon arrival is everything you hope they'd be. Some of my most incredible crystals have come from Golightly, many connecting me back to forgotten parts of my own soul. Amanda's connection to spirit is unwavering and beautiful & I'm forever grateful to have that reflected in my crystals."
- Brandi C.

"I am forever grateful that I was introduced to Golightly Healing. Every crystal baby I own was hand selected and intuitively chosen by Amanda. The passion and love her and her husband Joe put behind Golightly Healing is absolutely amazing and so inspiring as well. Each and every individual crystal baby has such immense energy to it, and Amanda truly chooses the highest grade quality crystal and loves and nurtures them until they find their forever home. Working with her crystals truly has been life changing for me. Having had the opportunity to work with Amanda and Joe, I can say without a doubt they are both the sweetest, kindest, purest souls I’ve had the pleasure to encounter. I look forward to every live sale they put together. You can even feel the amazing energy during each sale, literally just by watching! It’s incredible. and I will always recommend Golightly Healing to everyone. The dedication and hard word and passion that is shown in every aspect of Golightly Healing is just part of what makes it so wonderful. I could go on and on about everything that makes Amanda and Joe and Golightly Healing so wonderful, but I think everyone should experience it for themselves!”
- Vanessa S.

"I absolutely adore the way you choose crystals. Your integrity and process are first class. I think it would be fascinating to watch you in action.”
- Vicky V.

Amanda and Joe are great! I barely know anything about crystals, but their energy and enthusiasm comes through in how they share what they know. They truly care about their customers. I signed up for the Subscribe and Vibe, and they send handwritten cards each month with a new crystal. It's great for someone, like me, that doesn't know how to pick them myself. They also do a tremendous job helping their customers get educated about their products and choose gifts for loved ones."
- Adam N.

"I don’t have adequate words to thank you for all that you do for me and the community you’ve built with our tribe. I’ve learned so much from you in the past year and I am so very grateful. Thanks for sharing your process and your careful attention to each crystal (and person) you come in contact with. You are truly a special light worker angel unicorn magical soul! Love you!”
- Alex R. 

“Words alone can’t express the amount of gratitude I have for Amanda & Joe of Golightly Healing. The entire live shopping experience is so unique, full of passion, expertise, and most importantly, love. Golightly live sales radiate positivity, a communal appreciation of each other. I have found no bond similar to that of the Golightly tribe. It is so beautifully obvious that this is exactly what Amanda is called to do: connect, share knowledge, and inspire others despite borders. I cannot thank Amanda and Joe enough for the light they have brought into my life.”
- Amanda S.

"It’s been such a pleasure working with Amanda and Joe, they have sourced some of the most beautiful and high vibrational crystal babies I have ever received. Their shipping is always quick and with every piece packaged beautifully and carefully. So much attention to detail goes into every piece they source. I am extremely grateful to have found a business who loves crystals as much as me. I can only source my crystals from them.”
- Dana C. 

"My experience has been wonderful! Super fast response times, lighting fast shipping, amazing Crystals and jewlery, and sparkles in the packaging! Does it get any better?!” 
- Tiffany L.

“Golightly Healing is indescribable and more than any amount of words can express. The moment Amanda came into my life, everything shifted. My soul felt lighter and the spark in my heart shined brighter than ever. Our Crystal Queen has this electrical aura about her that magnetizes you to her and the vibe that she gives to the world. I immediately want to be better just by speaking to her. It is very apparent that she has a real gift as a healer. I dabbled in a few crystals but now I have a whole powerful collection thanks to her. The difference in the crystals she chooses is that she hand selects them, not by price but rather the energy they give off to her. Honestly, what other online crystal healer does that? Not only that but then she specifically hand selects crystals for every soul if she is doing a bulk sale. Absolutely every single crystal I have received from her has changed my life. The minute I open her packages and place them into my hand, I feel a connection with my crystal babies. If you have any questions, she is always there to answer, whether it's about a healing property or proper way to cleanse, or even to just be an ear to listen. She is the purest most nurturing light on this universe. Beyond the crystals, she also offers gifts such as candles that she and her husband make on their own. These candles are mind blowing! I have never in my life smelled anything better. I can't wait to purchase everything they came up with because I already know the quality is excellent. I will never ever purchase anything crystal related from anyone else and I cannot wait for all the great things to come from Golightly Healing!”
- Paulina K.

“As a researcher, when I decided to expand my crystal collection I wanted someone who knew their stuff, and had the preparation and expertise (academic and intuitive) to help grow my collection and to only the best crystals. After much research and deep dive into the world of crystal sellers I settled on a tiny number of go to's Amanda is on the top of that list. Amanda has such healing energy and the kind of wisdom that can only come from evolved spiritual beings. Every single crystal I receive from her has such a delicious soul affirming feel. I trust her blindly to be a powerful channel between me and the crystals that are waiting for me because she is.”
- Suset L.

"Highest quality, fastest shipping. It looks like a unicorn blessed my mailbox."
- Sarah L.

"Such love, patience, and high quality, hand-selected products."
- Catherine R.