Live Sale Guidelines

During our Instagram live sales, we show crystals one at a time. To adopt a crystal, comment me or mine with the price. Commenting with the price allows us to know which crystal you are wanting due to the slight time delay on our end. The price must be included in your comment or it will go to the next person, regardless if you were first. You will almost ALWAYS show up first on your own screen, so we have to go by what shows up first on ours to keep it fair.

IMPORTANT: If you have an international address please DM us immediately following the live so we may calculate shipping for you.

We ask that everyone checkout within 24 hours of listings being posted. To do so, click the GOLIGHTLY LIVE tab and search your username, add to cart, and checkout. If you fail to checkout before 11:59PM CST the following day without communicating to us, your listing will expire and your claimed crystals will be made available.

We offer payment plans for totals equaling $100 or more prior to shipping. Please DM us to request a payment plan immediately following the live sale. Your total will be split into four equal payments, with the first payment due within 24 hours. You will then have 30 days to complete the remaining payments at your leisure. Please do not forget about your crystal babies - after the 30 days an interest charge of $25 per week will be added to your unpaid total.

We begin packing and shipping orders the morning following a live sale, which is why we ask that payment be completed within 24 hours.

And lastly, if you abandon your crystal babies (ie. intentionally do not pay or communicate with us) you will be blocked from our Instagram page, regardless of how much I love you, because I value the collective effort of our tribe too much to make the exceptions my empathetic heart leans to.

Our live sales are my absolute favorite and I so look forward to spending them with you all. I love you and I appreciate you more than you’ll ever know.