Hello beautiful soul, welcome home. Everything up to this moment has led you here, and for that I am eternally grateful. Whether you’re just passing by, or are here to stay, I am honored to share my journey with you; thank you for being here.

At an early age my faith was challenged by the sudden loss of a loved one. Like many, I took each day as it came, never fully realizing the true potential of the subconscious mind. It wasn’t until I was introduced to the world of self enlightenment, that I would begin a personal journey of growth and understanding. It was my studies of the Law of Attraction, the Teachings of Abraham, and the Power of Now, that prepared me for what was to come.

Life as I knew it was changed forever in 2012. That is when my true awakening began. Several unexplained spiritual experiences, along with the events leading up to and after my grandmother’s passing, confirmed my belief in a power greater than us, and restored my faith in everything that was lost years ago. I turned to crystals and energy healing to help channel the inner knowing and divine wisdom that was pouring through and quickly learned my purpose: to share all of this with those who also needed to heal.

For several years I studied what seemed like every waking hour, and in August of 2016 I received my crystal healing certification from the Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy; Golightly Healing was born shortly after. Attuned to both Usui and Egyptian Reiki, I have been guided to assist others in their own healing process through crystal and energy healing. 

It took many years for me to openly speak about the information I receive from crystals. I give much credit to Robert Simmons for inspiring me to honor this gift by sharing it with the world. It seems as though every time we run into each other, our crossing of paths is so divinely orchestrated. The conversations we’ve had in regards to the healing energy of crystals and what we feel from them are so in tune, I can’t help but be more and more inspired by his work and teachings. 

Louise Hay will forever be a guiding light in not only my work but my personal life as well. I feel so extremely connected to her light, and many of my own personal breakthroughs have come from her wisdom of truly understanding the power of love, and the importance of holding space for others to heal alongside us. 

My passion for helping others heal is accompanied by my love for life. I spend my days reading, writing, and learning all that I can through daily spiritual practice; I consistently work with my guides and the ascended masters. I surround myself with the positivity that comes from my husband, our two rescued pups, friends, family, and of course lots and lots of crystals. Both my husband and I live plant based lifestyles as the well being of all animals is so very important to us. LOVE is my mantra. The moon, the sky, and the stars hold a special place in my heart and continue to inspire me through my work. 

Thank you again for joining me at this time, in this space, and I look forward to what is yet to come.

With love and gratitude,